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Calling all Rescue Boat Coxswains & Crew

Dinghy Sailing, Adult Sailing, Yacht Racing and Junior Sailing are already underway!

The rescue boats are a critical part of all HRSC activities and without those members that regularly give up their time to provide cover these activities simply couldn’t take place.

I’m trying to get our records up to date of all members who can provide cover as well as those that would be happy to go out as crew to help, get involved with and see some of the activities on the water first hand.

If you can help as Race Officer for different events, could you also let us know.

Please email me so we can make sure we have the correct details including information relating to experience on the water, type/s of boat and any RYA training already undertaken.

If members would like to do any RYA training also let me know so we can look at whether it’s possible to arrange any courses to be run through the club.

I know we have a number of new members and if anyone isn’t necessarily familiar with the boats we have, where the keys, equipment, fuel cans etc are, or maybe hasn’t spent a huge amount of time on the river and would like to get out and see where we sail, I’m happy to arrange to meet you at the club to run through everything I can.

All the best,

James Norton

Captain Rescue Boats