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    My first experience of racing was in a Shrimper belonging to HRSC member Simon Sugrue. Simon had kindly asked me to join him as his crew, racing off Mylor and St. Mawes on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings in the Carrick Roads. He was a great teacher and shared with me many tips on how to win races! It was then I realised what fun racing can be and how much there is to learn.

    Four years ago, I decided to have a go at racing in a Club Wayfarer at HRSC with Pete Headland a fellow Tuesday sailor. I was quite nervous at first, I knew that I would be sailing against far more experienced dinghy racers. However, I found after a few weeks, although I was far from up to their standard, they were friendly
    and keen to encourage me. In particular Captain Dinghies, Stephen Brooks is extremely helpful. The races are “handicapped” and the scoring is based on average lap so the faster boats and helms may complete 5 laps whereas slower boats and helms may only complete 3 laps during the course of a race. This means you don’t have to worry about being left out on the river with the Safety Boat after everyone else is in the bar!

    If you would like to join racing next year one Thursday evening or Sunday email Captain Dinghies or just turn up. It’s best to come down to the club an hour or so before the race is due to start to allow enough time to rig the boat and get down to the start line. As well as Club Wayfarers, Fevas, RS Visions, Fusions, Lasers and a Pico are available in the dinghy park for racing.

    Captain Dinghies will either tell you the course on shore or the Safety Boat/Committee Boat will tell you once you’re out on the water. You can download the racing courses from the website.

    The Dinghy Racing Calendar is printed in the Yearbook. When you are on Captain Dinghies email list he will email weekly to let you know the weather forecast and previous race results. He does have a very original turn of phrase!

    This year Tracey will be forwarding racing information to all members to encourage them to give it a go.

    We would particularly like to encourage more juniors to join the adults.
    Lily and Freya have been frequent racers this year.

    So, to sum it up, come and have a go at Dinghy Racing. It’s fantastic fun! If I can do it so can you!


    Percuil Regatta & HRSC Racing

    Freya (13) & Lilly (12) had a great day crossing to and competing at the Percuil Regatta Sunday, 25th – results to follow at St Mawes SC. Thanks to their Parents and Tom & Troy for escorting them across! More Pics on St Mawes Face Book Page. Percuil SC and its regatta have been merged into St Mawes SC.

    At HRSC on the same day TJ Hart gambled on a full RIG and took first over a TopperTastic holiday maker.More

    Dinghy Race Results Sunday 11th August

    HRSC Dinghy Race Results Sunday 11 8 2019

    A gusty Laser 4.7 day with Lily Butler, Freya Skingley and Linda World taking the top 3 positions. Visitors Oscar & Jasper from Exeter took the double handed trophy trailing as they did behind the talented trois filles. Sophia Walker also on her first outing with HRSC soon got her wings soloing in her Laser Pico; improving in confidence and performance with every lap. A great day for all 7 young at heart ladies out sailing.