Dinghy Racing: April 1st

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Phil Samuel – Double First at HRSC Dinghies 1st 2012 Outing.

A scholarly and muscular performance sets Phil Samuel at the head of the PY dinghy fleet. Perhaps goaded by a 2011 season bereft of prizes Phil spent the entire winter welded to a mountain bike.  Lantern jawed HRSC sailors were greeted by a Spartan version of Phil in cycling shorty confidently striding his laser  into an icy Helford.  Toned & honed by itself doesn’t beget medals – fused with experience and a shrewdly analytical  mind does.  That left the rest of the fleet to perform an in race mental spring cleaning – much to the entertainment  of Committee and Safety boats.  Post race debriefs the worst offenders quietly taken aside, ever so nicely given a  verbal and marshalled of for Tuesday night race training.    And that’s where we would be delighted to see you.   Leave the pride at home and in return HRSC would love to give you the confidence to get sailing – get racing!

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Race 1 Race 2
Phil Samuel Laser 186886 1085 1 1
Roger MacDonald Beccy Kestin RS400 958 948 2 3
Andy Biggs Laser 138471 1085 3 2
Stephen Brooks Radial 179651 1110 4 4

Many thanks to those supporting the fleet on the day

  • Marshalls:  Steve Kestin and Margaret Statham
  • Safety cover:  Dave Church & Dan
  • Photography:  Chris Griffin
  • Very Welcome beach reception: Robert Floyd

Average lap race accounting whilst demanding of logistics and support is deemed fairest to PY dinghy competition.  A  great credit to all those behind the action for selflessly putting themselves forward for duty .

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