McD & Beccy prepare to bear away

Dinghy Racing: April 26th

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SW2 Helford, Culdrose WSW(6pm) W(7) & WNW(8) 4-2 RYA PY SW Line start

Spotlight on Solo

Under the former site of WWII Toll Point searchlight battery the fleet assembled line astern for inspection by HRSC’s new Commodore – Julian Samuel. 18.30 sharp, Phil Samuel – a committee of one with battery of watches – started an orderly line for the beat to Central. From that point on Lasers, Solos and RS400’s paired for close racing in moderate, softening to light airs & showers.

The RS400’s swapped positions at least a half dozen times, with only a slight pause by Ollie and Ed for a handbrake turn to harvest seaweed. McD and Beccy were seen teasingly practising dry fly casting with the spinnaker lightly dapping the water. Brooks as rear gunner in Laser followed the fleet & a congenial Nick Maidwell on his first outing on the long run from Trebah to sea. Crawling under a Laser’s boom is not without risk as Nick was amply reminded when grabbed by the collar for an early bath.

Phil Philpott took early advantage from a moderate breeze to set himself ahead of Adam Mason’s Solo. Running with minimal ballast, Adam progressively eroded the gap during fading winds only to miss his prey by the time it took Phil Samuel to simultaneously twice press hooter and stopwatch. Honours accrued after 8 matches likely place Phil Philpott at or near head of the fleet. As keeper of records it is for Phil to gainsay.

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Race Elapsed Correct
Phil Philpott Solo 4785 1150 1 56.36 2953
Adam Mason Solo 4099 1150 2 56.38 2955
Roger McDonald Beccy Kestin RS400 958 948 3 47.10 2985
Ollie Berryman Ed Bolitho RS400 588 948 4 48.01 3039
Stephen Brooks Laser 179651 1085 5 59.26 3869
Nick Maidwell Laser 170605 1085 6 61.20 4765

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

Marshall: Phil Samuel by himself.

Safety cover: Julian Samuel & Nick Glossop

Photography: NickGlossop

PY Handicap race accounting means the fastest boats get to the bar first without necessarily winning the race A great credit to all those behind the action for selflessly putting themselves forward for duty.

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