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Dinghy Racing: August 17th


Summer Weekend Series Sunday 17th August WNW 4-5 Pursuit West

Matt Makes his Move

Low pressure sat between Scotland & Norway dragged a breezy autumnal North Westerly over the Helford shoving adult and junior racers a good nautical mile out to the mouth of the river.   With 20 pairs of eyes on him, first of on his first Pursuit race was Matt Broad in Laser 4.7 – a lonely and worrisome trek without the aid of a course map.  With a hint from his parents following in safety boat, Matt successfully negotiated the correct leeward mark and plundered the rest of the fleet for 3rd overall and 1st Juniors.  Staggering around the staggered start opposite the clubhouse, racers were grateful the rest of Cornwall was still abed as the odd 20kt gust indiscriminately flipped them over.

A used hanky tied to a colander masquerading as a Laser Radial, was proudly muscled back to vertical by Jack Lawrence – just before the full rig lasers set out to devour him.  Which they did, – but not before Jack’s sail slipped down the mast as its head strap failed, forcing retirement with a tow home from Tony Marsland.

Capitalising on Jacks equipment failure, Brook Hill tasked his helm Chris Hosken, to take no prisoners and win.  Missing a helmet, trapeze harness, & spinnaker, Brook could not go as fast as he dared to catch Harry Broad and Ollie Foreman, who in turn did not risk their spinni to keep pace with Beks Hosking and Ben Johns who took a 2nd to their 3rd in the juniors.  Their dilemma – risk a spectacular dunking flying a kite in pursuit of Matt, or stay upright and dry.

Anton Chamberlain found his true metier on a rare Laser outing as he pressed Brooks and Andrew Hosking to the limit.  Andrew, unsettled after a full British breakfast, regularly paused at Voose to recover equilibrium, nevertheless heroically flew back to the melee before agonisingly losing his landing gear on the gunwales.

A collective sharp intake of breath– a knowing smug chorus of “bet that hurt” and accompanying glow of hubris were immediately smothered by Phil Philpott’s Blaze as it scorched through the minnows on its way to victory.  A moment later any re-emergent hopes of glory were scythed in the wake of Roger McDonald’s neon pink powered RS400 expertly trimmed by Beccy Kestin.  Rejuvenated by a week’s working holiday packing and unpacking spinnakers the size of hot air balloons for Tony Statham’s Elsa in Falmouth Week, Beccy was however unable to gather sufficient wind on the remaining short course sections to catch the Blaze.   After several weeks careful listening to the Red Hot Tamale, and a thorough race preparation- man, wind and the machine had come unassailably together

Junior: 1st M Broad, 2nd R Hosking & B Johns, 3rd H Broad & O Foreman

Adult: 1st PJ Philpott 2nd  R McDonald, 3rd S Brooks

Overall 1st PJ Philpott, 2nd R McDonald, 3rd M Broad

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day
Safety Boat 1, Dave Church & Dan Flunder, 2 Tony Marsland, 3 Chris & Emma Broad.  Photography Dan Flunder.



Phil Philpott takes 1st overall to McD & Beccy’s 2nd