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Dinghy Racing: August 19th

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Sunday 19th August 17:00pm SW 1-2 Summer Weekend Pursuit SWest Course

Biggs Bags a Brace

Andy & Karen Biggs lead the field on the beat to Trebah

Andy & Karen Biggs took first position in Helford Dinghy’s pursuit race Sunday, and would have won smartest boat & crew prize – had there been one.

A congenial evening on a rising spring tide encouraged a diverse handicap fleet to set out for the assembly point south of bar buoy. 14 minutes separated the first and last to start in shifty SW light to fading airs. The lightest crews with the biggest sails would win the day – if they kept out of the doldrums.

Junior racer Ed Hosken competently helming his Topper Byte was first of followed by the Biggs in their National 12 on a languid run to Toll point. Hoping for wind Phil Samuel in Laser sailed north whilst Brooks (Laser) and Anton Chamberlain (Comet trio) without crew followed each other and the N12.

The brass section of St Keverne band Emily Broad (RS400) and Chris Hosken (Laser 2) would need considerably more than the puff in their cheeks to get through the holes. Wickedly taking Bytes out of his sons lead, Chris failed to notice the proximity of a mark, cuffed the same, and was obliged to 360. Phil Philpott (RS400) the last to start but by no means the last to finish needed a good breeze to make a dent in the N12 and Comets lead.

Fortunately for Brooks and Phil Samuel, the lack of any wind at Central coincided with 60 minutes racing leaving Biggs and Chamberlain to battle it out for 1 & 2 respectively – Phil’s laser piping Brooks for third.

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Pos HRSC Pursuit Time
After Hooter
Andy Biggs Karen Biggs Nat 12 3326 1104 1 25:36
Anton Chamberlain Comet Trio 417 1085 2 26:43
Phil Samuel Laser 186886 1085 3 26:43
Stephen Brooks Laser 179651 1085 4 26:43
Emily Broad Tom Lake RS200 1145 1057 5 28:21
Phil Philpott Carrie Hoskins RS400 766 948 6 34:42
Chris Hosken Laser II 100 1035 7 29:38
Ed Hosken Topper Byte 1190 8 20:35

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

Race officers:
Safety cover: Nick Glossop & Paul Greensmith