Dinghy Racing: August 21st


Summer Evening Series Thursday 21st August WSW 3-5 Average Lap UVGT

Beating a Laser

With Culdrose recording the odd 20kt westerly gust it was time to freshen up outside the HRSC clubhouse for this week’s average lap racing.  Beccy Kestin’s exemplary race preparation allowed her time to clean the 4.7’s sails with a couple of perfectly executed dipettes leaving her the psychological edge to take on all comers.  Roger Philpott and his father Tony – looked as though they might challenge – but were underdressed for the occasion and retired before the start.

Not so Sam Philpott who sportingly coaxed & cajoled a lovely orange bottomed 4.7 around the entire course twice without incident – until that is, his father offered a tow at the end of the race and sunk him.  Chris Hosken and young Barney Hill looked and did threaten – barely restraining their Laser II to less than 45 degrees to the vertical, finishing just 4 fine seconds behind Beccy’s Laser.

It was left to limbo dancers Andy Biggs and Roger McDonald to test the extent of their suppleness before an appreciative Blaze sailor.  Sat out in comfort on his high chair, Phil Philpott could take a relaxed view of the toil ongoing amongst 5 lasers beneath and latterly well behind him.  Nothing so unrefined as isometric exercises on the Blaze; no, Laser racers perspire, Blaze racers glow with pleasure. Well almost, because Phil probably needed near another minute ahead of McD to beat the laser’s handicap.

Results1st R McDonald, 2nd PJ Philpott, 3rd A Biggs

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day: Race Officer S. Brooks, Safety Boat 1, D. Church & D. Flunder 2, T. Marsland & Natalie, Photography D. Flunder.


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