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Dinghy Racing: August 31st


Summer Weekend Series Sunday 31st August W 2-3 Pursuit W T U V Q ( U V C )

Finley Delivers on a Tall Order

A fine end of summer’s day for the Tall Ships race and, for Finley Walsh-Newton winning the HRSC Juniors section – sneaking a lap or two before viewing the Parade in Falmouth Bay.

Leading the pack Beks Hosking & Ben Johns in Feva expertly navigated convoys of spectator craft headed out to the bay – but held back to a 2nd place as their jib detached itself. Ed Hosken in a Byte – nicely trimmed from run to beam reach as a teasing Westerly blew 5-10kts variously North & West the mile or so to Toll but was trapped on an ebbing tide in the doldrums around Trebah and came 3rd.  Finley’s Byte C2 with a more powerful sail was near perfect for the day, speeding ahead on the run and reach and, as the lightest helm, surprised himself by keeping the sail dry on the fickle beat upriver for a 1st.

Andy & Karen Biggs’ National 12 loves a gentle breeze and a helm that points her in the right direction – and that appeared to be a beat upriver on the south side where the breeze allowed him to head higher with less tide for an almost unassailable lead overall.  A couple of Laser 2’s helmed by the Lizard’s  Hosken & Hosking farming dynasties tried different tactics down river on the first leg but were caught by Phil Philpott’s Blaze and Brooks’ Laser at Toll.  Thereafter Books and Chris Hosken did their upmost to resolutely explore oblivion; whilst Andrew Hosking sailed a blinder with his big sails for third – even threatening the Blaze.

Wishing for a little more breeze on the final triangle between Trebah, Voose, and Central marks, Phil could do no more than watch the clock unwind to the 90th and final minute from his elevated and comfortable position as the Biggs’ escaped the Blazes fire with seconds to spare

Juniors: 1St F Walsh-Newton, 2nd R Hosking & B Johns, 3rd E Hosken
Overall: 1st A & K Biggs,  2nd PJ Philpott, 3rd A Hosking

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day,
Safety Boat: Dave Church & Dan Flunder
Photography Dan Flunder
Following Dominic Walsh-Newton and family