Dinghy Racing: Aug 4th

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Sunday 4th August  Summer Weekend Series – Laser Plate Race 4-5 SSW12-25kts  Triangle Dp Cp Tp

Knotty Lessons

Race Officer Adam Mason tasked with providing a steady course in breezy conditions (Culdrose SSW 15-30kts) for the Helford Laser Plate series this Sunday, obligingly started full rig and 4.7 fleets on the north side. If tempted, manageable gusts of Durgan allowed delightful fast reaching along the start line before a nip in at the Pin, and a short beat to Central in the middle of the river.

Still in the prime of youth Roger McDonald’s Laser with a good stiff deck and himself hanging of the side was first to be seen rounding Central, chased by gusts for a speedy run to Toll.  Were McD’s DNA analysed, it would likely reveal a 24th chromosome for driving fast things of which one gene would be stamped with the Laser logo.

With ropes sorted before a firm execution of the gybe round Toll McD shot ahead on variously a close haul and reach back to Durgan.  Behind chaos ensued.  Andy Biggs closest in pursuit briefly fell over rounding Toll but still came 3rd, Brooks enjoying his own dipette pre-race tangled ropes about the boom, spending a couple of head banging minutes sorting the mess back at Durgan.  Emily Broad’s storming form in 4.7 ended with a similar tangle. Beccy Kerstin’s 4.7 stayed upright and knotless to come 2nd to McD’s first.

The second race was a much tighter affair with only a minute and a half separating the finishers over half an hour’s racing. Those earlier chastised by Toll behaved themselves as fleet followers and paparazzi crowded Toll in anticipation of more carnage to follow.  Biggs and Brooks made it to within sniffing distance of McD on the penultimate run to Central, but his ability to grab every opportunity with gusto got him first over the line. Emily Broad’s gutsy return to form got her to 2nd – whilst Beccy Kestin recovering as well as she did from a knot class at Toll eased to 3rd.


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