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Dinghy Racing: August 9th

Summer Weekend Series Saturday 9th August WSW2-4 Average Lap CBGT

Bertha sets Blaze alight

It was with some trepidation that Adult and Junior sections of HRSC set out to race in darkening clouds 3pm Saturday. With the centre of a depression, that was the former Hurricane Bertha, between Iceland and Scotland whipping up air dripping with moisture from the Azores – when would she arrive, and what would she do were the questions uppermost in race organisers minds. A lunchtime Met Office WSW 8-14knot forecast proved accurate – perfect for racing. Perfect for Phil Philpott who blazed a trail at the front of the fleet for four laps to take Ist. Snapping at his heels were Andy & Karen Biggs in the N12 and Andrew Hosking in Laser – but to no avail as Phil’s Blaze flew further ahead on the reach between Gew and Toll.
Leading a trio of Laser 4.7’s Beccy Kestin planked her way on the beats but was just 10 seconds shy of a podium finish. It was Beks Hosking and crew Ben Johns who masterfully dealt with the 90 degree wind shifts to lead a trio of Feva XLs for a first in the Junior section. Watched over in the safety boat by parents: the Broad’s and Foreman’s, Harry Broad and Ollie Foreman did them & their Feva proud. There was a battle royal between the 4.7s of Ollie Chamberlain and Matt Broad – swapping positions throughout the entire race with 2nd place only decided in the final leg from Toll in Ollie’s favour.

A plucky Finley Walsh-Newton showed his courage, and great skill navigating a sprightly Byte upright around all 3 laps just behind the leaders. Wolfe Scrimshaw kept his wife Clare dry on their first serious race together and a couple of cuffings of race marks showed restraint upon the mark cuddlings seen at an earlier informal outing. Cuffings however performed without the required 360 penalty (760 if it’s a boat) as advised by Chris Hosken in the safety Zodiac are met with a DQ. Suggestions for the novice: follow the boats in front, gently round marks, don’t hit anyone or thing- protests written on the back of a £50 note. Anton Chamberlain usually a Comet Trio soloist hoping for 15kts plus in a Pico was impeccably behaved at the rear of the fleet shadowing the Byte – hit nothing, and came last.

Adult Fleet: 1st PJ Philpott, 2nd A&K Biggs 3rd A Hosking
Juniors: 1st R Hosking & B Johns, 2nd O Chamberlain, 3rd M Broad
Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day, Stephen Brooks Committee Boat, Chris Broad & Chris Hosken in Safety Boats.