Dinghy Racing: July 10th

Summer Evening Series: Thursday 10rd July NW3 Pursuit 18:15 

Joining racers for Thursday’s pursuit race were four dolphins at play on the Helford. Popping up next to Yachts and racing dinghies, blowing bubbles around and playing with the race mark at Gew – even bringing up an old wellington boot – there was no bounds to their curiosity and energy. Racers were enchanted and even a little in awe at their antics coming within touching distance of their craft.

Fortunately, HRSC safety boat’s Daniel Flunder – carefully positioned by his director, Dave Church – was able to catch some of their antics on camera.
Anton and his son Ollie Chamberlain retired to beat a low tide at Port Navas – but not before enjoying the spectacle of Dolphins sneak up behind Roger McDonald approaching Gew on his second run. Earlier, racer Chris Hosken instructing with the Helford River Children Sailing Trust, and his charges, were similarly delighted with a gratuitous demonstration of evolution’s exuberance

Blowing strongly at first – by the time racers had reached the narrows there were signs of some easement, but not before tempting Phil Philpott with thoughts of what might have been – had the gusts pushed all the way to Gew. Andy & Karen Biggs had their sights set on the Phil Samuel’s Solo but like most racers that evening were somewhat distracted and in the final 15 seconds lost their 3rd place to Brooks and Phil Philpott at Central.

Andrew Hosking started well, deliberately avoiding being drawn into the Skerries at Bosahan and chats about navigation around the leeward mark by eventual race leader McD.

Beks Hosking and Beccy Kestin skilfully maintained their lead well into the race despite the odd stray thought about four beaky mouths, each with 80-100 cone shaped teeth , inches from torso’s leant out to balance the gusts. As Beks finished – so it seemed had the dolphins.
Does McD’s PsyOp toolkit contain a special calling signal for dolphins on demand? – if it does he can use it anytime he likes!

Results: 1st Dolphins 2nd R. McDonald, 3rd P. Samuel, 4th S. Brooks

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in the support of the fleet on the day –
Safety & Photography: Dave Church & Dan Flunder Pictures Copyright© Daniel Flunder 2014 [email protected]

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This Thursday , joining the Helford’s pursuit race were four dolphins – winners – the Dolphins



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