Dinghy Racing: July 16th

Summer Evening Series Thursday 16th July : Ave Lap, Wind SSE2-3

An Evening Nap

There was about half the southerly wind forecast on the river so the fleet did not so much gallop as plod around an otherwise perfect course for the conditions laid out by Matt & Emma Broad – their first Average Lap PY race; ably assisted by Karen Biggs – veteran of   the scoreboard.

In the first race a proportion of the cortège prematurely slunk across the line – Andy Biggs Spars entangling with another forcing a penalty and came 8th. The Juniors were of as if tadpoles swimming in jelly, yet all bar Matt Broad suffered prolonged periods of enforced lassitude generally ascribed to the front of the fleet that had wind and the back which didn’t.

Team Kestin & McDonald’s citrus yellow spinnaker eventually filled but did not fulfil its usual promise as a bemused laser wafted curiously in tandem, until a little extra puff finally sent the lemon leopard languidly ahead to come second to the Lasers third.

In the second race: emerging rested from under the duvet in the king sized cockpit of his Blaze Phil, Philpott sped again to the head of the fleet; this time came 2nd. Young Beks Hosking saw of the challenge from both Andy & arch rival Matt to come third. Brooks had a late start, caught up with the radials and then went left at the windward mark whilst the rest of the fleet went right & came last. Dave Philpott had a consistently solid PY performance in both races and saw his grandson Sam in a 4.7 halve the margin to PN with a much improved 2nd race. Similarly, Ben Johns finding himself in a boat that could float had a much better 2nd race. Team McDonald & Kestin were in fine form – this time with Beccy trimming the spinnaker, and whilst not exactly zooming, glided to a good minute ahead of their closest threat – the Blaze. Saddle sore from 5 hours tending the HRCST Inter Schools Regatta and HRSC evening race, Andrew Hosking with equanimity, dutifully towed most of the smaller sailed dinghies home.

1st R Kestin & R McDonald, 2nd M Broad, 3rd P Philpott 4th R Hosking
1st M Broad. 2nd Beks Hosking, 3rd B Johns, 4th S Philpott

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day
Committee: Chris & Emma Broad, Karen Hemsley-Biggs
Safety Boat: Andrew Hosking



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