Dinghy Racing: July 20th


Summer Weekend Series: Sunday 20th July10.00am NW Pursuit  NESW1-2 

Whilst Culdrose recorded a gentle NW 8–12 mph breeze on Sunday morning Helford did its own thing.  Light airs from every quarter got most of the 19 sailors from the club house to the mouth of the river and back again.  Fortune favoured those that started first or knew where they were going.  Brothers Harry & Ollie Broad, and Matt and Ben Johns got a great start in their club Fevas – staying at the head of the fleet until the big sails of Andy and Karen Biggs in their National 12, and Anton Chamberlain’s Comet reached them.  Further back in the last Feva, the sound of Beks Hosking and Ed Hosken snoring could easily have been mistaken for the put-put of a grey Plymouth Pilot on its way to Gew.

Joining racers for the day was Dominic Horton’s 50 or so year old Albacore. A pleasant reminder when 3 of this class were raced on the Helford some 20 years ago. A 1954 design by Uffa Fox, built by Fairey Marine employing a cross laid ply technique developed from making WWII wooden aircraft such as the Mosquito. Confidently helmed by his young daughter with only the occasional instruction from her crew this lightweight large sailed dinghy took the Hortons to 4th place.

Setting of last in the Blaze – Phil Philpott with the patience of a saint crept past the laser fleet and to 6th place ahead of Phil Samuel.

It was a delight to see the return of Richard Graham-Vivian & crew Katie Sykes in the big Wayfarer – it being the only boat properly organised for the day with paddles – the rest content to drift wherever they wished or Church & Flunder in safety would tow them.

Results: 1st A&K Biggs, 2nd A Cha mberlain 3rd H&O Broad

Andy thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day – Dave Church Safety, Dan Flunder photography



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