Dinghy Racing: July 2nd

Spring Evening Series Thursday 2nd July : Average LapW/L, Wind SSW 2-4

Dave & Phil Philpott found the best course for a sloppy southerly on Thursday. Rather than race, Beks Hosking preferred to revise for a Spanish final exam with Ben Johns in the rescue boat – guessing there wouldn’t be much call for their services until the tow home as the wind faded.

The trick for the evening was to catch or rather anticipate where a fickle wind might be. Brooks caught a buoy just before the 1st race and came last behind Andrew Hosking. Hugo, our gallant Gallic guest for the week pipped Beccy Kestin by one fine second per lap but could not quite emulate the grace of Andy & Karen Biggs in their National 12, 2nd behind McD who had all his gyros spinning in the right direction

Sandwiched between an Aeronaut and Hugonaut at the Pin end at the start of the second race Brooks remembered that sticking his craft amidships onto the nose of Ginnie’s laser wouldn’t do the entente cordial much good either in France or Falmouth and aborted the manoeuvre.   Meeting at the Windward mark the Naut’s continued their congenial tour and went left while Andy & Karen N12’s slippery hull sent them gliding like a swan to victory. Andrew found wind & form moving to within 5 seconds of McD but after another great sail Beccy snuck in front of McD for 2nd


Race 1    1st R McDonald, 2nd A Biggs, 3rd le Hugonaut

Race 2     1st A Biggs, 2nd R Kestin, 3rd R McDonald

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day

Safety Boat: Phil Samuel & Andrew Hosking, Chris Broad.


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