Dinghy Racing: June 22nd

Weekend Series: Sunday 22nd June 10.30  E3  90Min Pursuit   B T U B T U ( V C U) All Marks to Port



Blazing Performance!

Choosing their day carefully for the National 12, Andy, and Karen Biggs set of at the head of the fleet into a gentle easterly breeze on a flooding tide on Sunday – and stayed there for the rest of the race. Like many thoroughbreds the N12 is an unstable craft, but will reward a skilled crew that treats her gently.

Setting of opposite the Club House the advantage came to those that kept out of the tide by hugging the south shore with a series of small tacks to the mouth of the river. Any attempt to get to close to the wonderful geology of the Lizard is not without risk – hence the reason for keeping north of the cardinal mark at Voose rocks. Brook’s dreams of glories to come were abruptly terminated as was his passage forward, all to the melody of barnacles feasting on fibreglass.

Phil Philpot had other plans in his new Blaze – the first of these red hot Tamales to grace the Helford and wiggled past as Brooks disqualified himself by failing to round Voose Cardinal the right way. Phil’s second race in the Blaze produced another third place with Roger McDonald & Beccy Kestin’s RS400 taking most of an hour to catch him for second.

It was an otherwise a quiet day for Dave Church & fleet photographer Daniel Flunder in safety boat – time enough to plot the steady progress Andrew and his daughter Beks Hosking delicately made in coming to an honourable fourth in their Laser 2.

An earlier than advertised blowing of hooter wrong footed the Chamberlain fleet planning a “Just in Time” arrival for the start and, despite their best efforts, were not able to reach the lower orders.

Results: 1st A. Biggs, 2nd R. McDonald 3rd PJ. Philpott

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs invites you Join us for Helford’s Dinghy Regatta 10am – briefing at 9am Sunday 6th July – open & free to racers in mid and west Cornwall. There will be a RYA Feva Traveller series, Junior, and adult PY fleet racing. Forms etc on helfordriversc.co.uk

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in the support of the fleet on the day

Dave Church & Dan Flunder: Safety & Photography

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