Dinghy Racing: June 25th

Spring Evening Laser Plate Mini Series 1 of 3 Thursday 25th June : Olympic TSL, Wind SSW 3-4

Laser Plate Race 1

Veteran race officer Phil Samuel tasked his stewards with forming an old style Olympic Triangle course in a breeze that blew variously south to north, if not at all on Thursday

Hugo the Hugonaut – so called for his nautical adventures, took the opportunity at Helford’s 2015 Laser Plate miniseries to reprise his performance as a youthful Laser racer on the opposite side of the Channel some 17 years past. When it comes to beating his relation McD, on his own turf, it would not be a piece of cake; so it proved in a fluky evening’s breeze on Thursday.

Our garrulous Gallic guest took great care of Ginnie Sykes sleek Black craft, but of Hugo’s disarming chatter, it was wise to ignore as he scampered after McD; leaving all else behind. Biggsey was performing in fine style as he dinged his way about the Radials to finish fourth behind the Hugonaut.

Of the Juniors, Harry Broad eventually led the radials of his brother Matt Broad, Ben Johns, and Beks Hosking – with only1½ minutes separating them all after near an hour’s close racing. Despite his best efforts, Sam Philpott couldn’t go any faster than his 4.7 would let him. Sam’ s Uncle, Phil, had only got one sail, the right, one and gradually moved up to middle orders.

Beccy Kestin was the distant beacon to which the Radial racers aspired as she increased her lead to near 1½ minutes by the finish of this class. At the final accounting McD led by 22 seconds per lap over Beccy and 27 seconds over Hugo to win overall the first stage of 3.


Overall 1st R McDonald, 2nd R Kestin, 3rd le Hugonaut

Juniors 1st H Broad, 2nd M Broad, 3rd B Johns

Laser Fleet 1st R McDonald, 2nd le Hugonaut, 3rd A Biggs

Radial Fleet 1st R Kestin, 2nd H Broad, 3rd M Broad

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day

Committee & Safety: Phil Samuel, Andrew Hosking, Chris Broad.


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