Dinghy Racing: June 29th

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Scholarly Performance in the Laser

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Proving he knew his Geography McD without the benefit of a navigator stuck the lasers nose correctly first across the start line and did the same to finish 56 minutes and 41 seconds later to take first on Sunday. Phil Samuel hearing first a muffled cough and then a blast from an unforgiving race stewards Vuvuzela, correctly judged he had placed a millimetre to much of his snub nosed Solo in front of McD’s laser. Honourably performing a 360 to cross the start again cost the Solo 1st but not second place.

It was freshers on full rig lasers: Chris Hosken, and Andrew Hosking’s chance to develop skills against a well tutored Andy & Karen Biggs in N12 and the Solo. All four vessels swapped places throughout the race and had it not been for a cleanliness fetish oft repeated as Chris bathed the lasers sail there would have been an even tighter finish.

Youth sailor Beks Hosking’s shrewd tactic of staying upright, correctly rounding North of the Cardinal at Bosahan, and completing the required number of laps put her purple Pico quietly & modestly in front of her father for fourth place. Beks celebrations were perhaps less restrained – you could have heard her whoopee in Helston!
Results 1
st R McDonald, 2nd P Samuel, 3rd A Biggs

Commodore Julian Samuel & Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs look forward to racers joining HRCs Juniors and Adults at the clubs Open & Free Regatta on Sunday forms etc on the download page 


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