Dinghy Racing: May 10th

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Spring Weekend Series Sunday 9.45am 10th May 2015 : Pursuit S Wind S3-5

It’s a Breeze

Encouraged by a wind forecast set to be strengthening later, Helford’s PY dinghy fleet sleepily set of a little earlier than is usual for a Sunday morning. Chris Broad armed with camera took the family’s RIB out for a rescue duty but was not placed to record the pre race entertainment provided by Andy Biggs’ dunking and Stephen Brooks’ close inspection of Avocets mooring buoy. In complete contrast youth sailors Beks Hosking and Matt Broad set out very impressively in gusty conditions with Beccy Kestin in the 4.7 Laser fleet.

Revelling a breeze, Beccy could not quite find enough of it to hold of Phil Philpott’s charge on the Blaze or the seemingly nonchalant approach of McD’s full rigged laser. Phil Samuel’s reinvigorated sailing with the Solo almost got him to the 4.7, and had there been pedals attached would have made it.

Everyone enjoyed the planeing reaches between Toll and Durgan. Sailing high Brooks was favoured by the gusts and would catch up with Biggsey on the reach but a dipette at Durgan and slothfulness on the beat allowed his quarry to escape. Beks and Matt slogged it out all the race and were only devoured on the penultimate leg with Beks achieving family honours

Results 1st R McDonald 2nd P Philpott 3rd R Kestin Youth 1st R Hosking, 2nd Matt Broad

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day Safety Boat & Photography: Chris Broad

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