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Dinghy Racing: May 13th

Variously 2-4 Start 1100 RYA Spring Series Pursuit Course NW triangular


For National 12 sweetheart sailors, Andy and Karen Biggs, fresh back from their Honeymoon in Italy, the Honeymoon continued for them on the Helford with a decisive victory in the pursuit race on Sunday. Despite challenging wind direction problems for the Race Officer, Beccy Kestin, Northerly on the North Bank, Easterly at the mouth and Southerly on the South Bank, she proved she knew her meteorology, and plumped for a NW course which proved perfect as the wind settled to a 12knt westerly.

The N12 of Andy and Karen led from start to finish with only one incident of minor navigational error corrected by subtle hints from the rescue boat. In the peloton the Laser of Robert Floyd sporting his full sail plan scorched away from arch rival Stephen Brooks to gain an apparently unassailable lead. However after a few pirouettes on the gybes and on the beat, he threw his energy reserve and advantage away and came last.

The RS400 of the muscle bound Ollie Berryman and Ed Bolitho zoomed around the river in fine style, but the canny Phil Philpott and daughter actually pointed their boat in the right direction and beat the boys hands down. The unassuming Anton Chamberlain pottered in an unspectacular fashion to second place.

McD 14/5

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Race
Andy Biggs Karen Biggs Nat 12 3326 1083 1
Anton Chamberlain Comet Trio 417 1085 2
Phil Philpott & Daughter RS400 766 948 3
Ollie Berryman Ed Bolitho RS400 588 948 4
Stephen Brooks Laser 179651 1085 5
Robert Floyd Laser 169065 1085 6
Roger McDonald Beccy Kestin RS400 958 948 Ave Points

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day.

Safety: Roger McDonald & Beccy Kestin
Photography: BeccyKestin

A great credit to all those behind the action for selflessly putting themselves forward for duty.