Dinghy Racing: May 18th

HRSC Dinghy Race Report Sunday 18th May 2014

10:22am SW 2-3 Average Lap CUV all to port

A Sunny Disposition

The prospect of warm sunshine and a soft breeze, tempted out anything that could float up and down Helford’s spring tide on Sunday. Rescue boat’s Church & Flunder laid a westerly triangular course mid river off Durgan, promising a beat to Trebah, a reach across the river to Voose before a relaxing meander back down to the start gate. Bravely responding to a late night call for a scribe, Dom Brandreth a little woodenly sounded starter’s orders. Unleashed, the RS400 of Roger McD made a precision start to head the fleet and would stay there for the entire race were it not for his merciless nemeses – Messer’s Philpott & Biggs in Solo and Laser taking 1 -2 at the final accounting.

Down the fleet saw the first appearance of pristine new craft. Young Oliver Chamberlain performed the perfect limbo to drive his gleaming Laser Radial in the right direction, beating his delighted Father in Comet Trio – an ecstatic mum Lisa following in supporting Dory.

3 Hurrahs for the return of the Royal Navy’s James McGarry and a shiny 4th place in Laser behind McD. Normally a National 12 crew Karen Biggs in Topaz UNO showed she could go just as competently solo, giving the RS Feva of Beks Hosking and Ben Johns, a good chasing.

Chris Hosken successfully wrestled alone his feisty Laser II on her first outing to middle orders, but she let him know who was boss – tipping him in for the enjoyment of Durgan’s race spectators after race end. Reserving her voluntary capsize practice for an appreciative club house audience, Rachel Brandreth completed her first race ever race in a full rigged laser dry and undamaged – only for a squashed finger to appear with Dom’s help derigging.

1st P Philpott, 2nd A Biggs, 3rd R. McDonald

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in the support of the fleet on the day

Dave Church & Dan Flunder: Safety & Photography
Dom Brandreth: Duty



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