Dinghy Racing: May 20th

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Variously N-NW 3 Culdrose N 4     RYA PY Spring Series Windward Leeward x2

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Race 1 Elapsed Correct Race 2 Elapsed Correct
Phil Philpott   Solo 4785 1150 1 2426 2110 2 1584 1377
Adam Mason   Solo 4099 1150 2 2473 2150 1 1577 1371
Andy Biggs Karen Biggs Nat 12 3326 1083 3 2424 2214 6 1732 1582
Roger McDonald Beccy Kestin RS400 958 948 3 2099 2214 4 1348 1422
Ollie Berryman Ed Bolitho RS400 588 948 5 2116 2232 3 1342 1416
Anton Chamberlain   Comet Trio 417 1085 6 2528 2330 7 1776 1637
Stephen Brooks   Laser 179651 1085 7 2620 2415 9 1874 1727
Matt Ridout   Laser 163110 1085 8 2698 2487 8 1823 1680
Tony Statham   Laser 91500 1085 9 2702 2490 5 1651 1522
Mark Belshaw   Firefly F3591 1168 10 Duty Ave Points      

The Greek Connection

This week’s alpha-beta males Adam Mason and Phil Philpott inseparably and alternately triumphed with laurels earned over two races within a spring series of Odyssian proportions Sunday.

2340 years before the Olympic Flame arrived at Culdrose, Pytheas, the first literate Greek to visit Cornwall likely moored in Helford’s haven before rounding the Lizard for tin at Ictis – St Michaels Mount. Whether coracle racing was provided as entertainment in 330BC is not recorded, however a veritable feast of sailing was on offer this weekend at Helford River SC.

The fleet proceeded phalanx like to the start under Bosahan, apart that is from one dissenting hoplite Adam Mason hoping for advantage from the pin end. Hope and a 720 degree penalty for hitting Tony Statham’s laser was all Adam got whilst under the Stygian gaze of marshal Mark Belshaw. Belshaw’s Pythagorean designs and sun dial timings left some in momentary self doubt – but not the Purple RS400 that streaked away.

Adonises of the fleet, Ollie Berryman and Ed Bolitho got off to a spluttering start after the nautical exertions and excesses of the previous 24hrs. Facing a herculean struggle following a back sliding by Ollie, the boys pursued McD and Nauarch Kestin, but not until race 2 was satisfaction had with a 6 fine seconds lead. Ollie – think Mr Zog’s.

Andy & Karen Biggs had received enough sailing treats already and a commendable 3rd in the first race signalled the end of their honeymoon, with the RS400’s giving no quarter in the stiffer gusts of the second. Anton Chamberlain stoic in single handing the Comet Trio did well to keep out of Poseidon’s clutches. The same could not be said for Brooks & true Corinthian Statham. Someone had substituted knicker elastic for the mainsheet of Tony’s laser – not helpful on the gybe at Bosahan. Brooks offered no excuse other than the lure of Sirens on the run from Durgan leaving a young Matt to profit from his own impressive endeavours and his mentors’ errors.

Nothing compared to the small dramas at the Helford with those of a true Olympian Ben Ainslie winning his 6th world title at the Finn Championships Friday. Athletes and indeed heroes earn their place in history combating Titans real and metaphorical sent against them. Whatever happens after Friday 18th May, Cornwall will remember Ben winning 3 races in monstrous conditions.

The summer sailing season approaches – and it’s entirely possible Chris Hosken & son’s forbears emerged from their Fogou at Boden Vean one morning to race their coracle to a vessel from Brittany carrying a Greek from Massalia. In his lost book – On the Ocean, Pytheas describes the Cornish as especially friendly to strangers having adopted a civilised way of life because of their interaction with traders and other peoples. It seems little changes. Judge for yourself at helfordriversc.co.uk.

For more about Pytheas search for The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek by Barry Cunliffe.

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

  • Safety: Carol Lawrence
  • Marshall: Mark Belshaw

A great credit to all those behind the action for selflessly putting themselves forward for duty.

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