Dinghy Racing: May 21st

21-05-152Spring Evening Series Thursday 21st May 2015 : Linestart NW, Wind W-NW 3-4

A Hot Line

Starting in the middle of the river between Bosahan and Durgan HRSC’s PY fleet set of on Thursday evening’s NW course into variously a W-NW moderate breeze and a perfect flooding tide.   Just back from an Italian job, a thirsty McD executed a perfect manoeuvre to get to the head of the Bosahan cream tea queue; except this was race night and the rest of the fleet had gone to Trebah, the short way.

Phil Philpott’s Blaze with its 125sq ft Halo was the first to elegantly round Trebah before the gentle run out to the Gew. Luring no one with him, McD’s Laser rejoined the main peloton at the rear, chattily working his way through its congenial ranks to within 30 seconds of Andy Biggs’ Laser, himself 30 exhausting seconds behind the understated gentleman on the Blaze.

Out racing for the first time this season, Andrew Hosking anticipating a forecast gentle breeze soloed his immaculate Laser 2 against the refurbished Radial rig of his daughter Beks. Both found themselves performing limbo dance like as the shifty gusts on the beat over powered their sails; the more supple Beks finally chalking up a good two minutes ahead of her father.

Phil Samuel’s Solo and Beccy Kestin’s Radial stuck glue like to the Peloton the entire race; their dogged persistence & skilful navigation paid off at the final accounting – Beccy piping the Solo for first by 3 small seconds, and the Blaze with Bronze a further minute behind.

Results 1st R Kestin. 2nd P Samuel 3rd P Philpott

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day

Safety Boat & Photography: Stephen Brooks



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