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Dinghy Racing: May 24th

HRSC Dinghy Race Report Saturday 24th May 2014

Saturday 24th May 14:00 SW 3-4 90Min Pursuit T D U Q T U Q ( T C Q) All Marks to Port

What a Grey Day!

A Russian high obdurately blocking the passage of North Atlantic air eastwards bumped the centre of a slow moving low over Biscay up the Channel. Replacing the soggy front over Cornwall came more of the same dampness with a westerly 3-4 breeze attached- just in time to perk up the remains of a dull bank holiday Saturday.
Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs wisely chose a SW Pursuit course starting with a shifty run from the Club House to the mouth of the river under Toll. An
“it’s cheaper than a tummy tuckslog back up to Trebah, before the slithering back down – this time the gybe being at Committee for a little reach to Toll and so back & forth.

First to plough the field in a Pico, bend it like Beks Hosking showed the less supple how to touch toes the reverse way round, and would have finished much further up the field were it not for an error with her satnav.
A plucky Karen Biggs set of in commanding style only to fall victim to a leeward mark, the splash requiring the assistance of
Messer’s Church, Flunder, and Goy in safety and so retired.

A wisely reefed Anton Chamberlain was un-Comet like to the start with his son Oliver in Laser Radial although both returned to light speed in race mode. It was to the Laser fleet of Hosking in reefer, Biggs, Brooks, and McGarry on full rigs to chase down Phil Philpott in his immaculately attired yet ultimately unassailable Solo.
Andrew Hosking masterfully sailed the downwind legs with all 3 sails flying (not incl burgee) but was forced to deviate to reprogram Beks
satnav and so did not finish. Brooks edged just in front for the first 2 legs before McGarrys power on the beat and a keener sense of navigation helped him ahead of Biggsey until robbed of a podium finish by a pirouette before the final Gybe.

Such was the competition amongst the Lasers that they failed to notice the huge pink spinnaker on the RS400 expertly trimmed by Beccy Kestin cantering past them on the third downwind leg. Leaving the Lasers wobbling in his slipstream around the Gybe, McDonald’s HUD lit up on the Solo in front and despite his best corkscrewing efforts on the beat Phil was gradually reeled in for an honourable second.
Results: 1
st R. McDonald, 2nd PJ. Philpott, 3rd A. Biggs


Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in the support of the fleet on the day

Dave Church & Dan Flunder: Safety & Photography
Keith Goy: Duty