Dinghy Racing: May 28th

Spring Evening Series Thursday 28th May 2015 : Linestart W, Wind 3-5

Turtles on the Helford

Three generations and four members of the Philpott family, together with 5 of their current and former racing dinghies were out on the River in brilliant sunshine.  In an otherwise flawless performance an uncharacteristic turning turtle on the Gybe before the committee probably denied Beks Hosking a podium position in Thursday’s Gusty conditions. Beks was leading her fellow youth & 4.7 sailor Sam Philpott, himself only 10 seconds behind Andy Biggs at third.

Phil Philpott made a wise choice in the slightly smaller Blaze rig but could not get sufficiently far ahead of an inspired Phil Samuel’s Solo, leaving ¾’s of a minute in hand by the finish in Dave Philpott’s former craft. There’s probably no better recommendation if purchasing a second hand boat to go racing, than if it comes direct from, & fully race prepared by the Philpott family. Ben John’s first outing in his recently acquired Laser was not to be as he had hoped, poorly repaired by previous owners the craft leaked like a sieve and was retired.

On its second outing, Dave’s OK – the next biggest rig out for the evening, proved a little too powerful for the fluky conditions, and was retired early after an inversion. Roger Philpot racing for the first time this season in his brothers restored vintage Laser sailed a conservative race; wisely chose a full wetsuit which came into full splendid much appreciated by spectators at the Clubhouse.

Results 1st P Samuel. 2nd P Philpott 3rd A Biggs

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day

Safety Boat:

Zodiac: Chris Hosken & Andrew Hosking

FunYak: Nick Glossop & Ed Hosken


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