Dinghy Racing: May 3rd

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E-ESE 2-3 Helford RYA PY Dynamic Line start East Triangular (U)CD, UCD, UCD

Bonnie Triumph for Solo Artist

A Solo helm rarely reveals the elation brought on by the promise of a leaden sky, a gentle breeze and a line start handicap race. The rest of the PY fleet has about it an air of resignation – and not even the prospect of Sophie Greensmith wake boarding behind the safety boat will lift their spirits. Ollie Berryman might, we fancy, toy with the idea of taking his cabinet making skills in the form of a chainsaw to the Solo’s handicap. Perhaps Ed Bolitho could be tempted to add a few concrete blocks to the Solo’s ballast.

Working his way to the start line close to the North shore, Adam Mason is reminded that the slightest hint of hubris invites Nemesis. A thump to Pants looked promisingly painful were it not for the shear pin on the tripping centre board. Chastened – Adam at the favoured Pin end kick-starts his campaign as leeward boat to B&B persuading the RS400 to reconsider its course. Returning the favour Ollie tacks ahead of Adam – encouraging the Solo to enter the larger swell of Bosahan. From here on, the classes buddy up for close racing.

Following last week’s dunking Nick Maidwell’s laser is now firmly in control and scampers after the Solos praying for a stiffer breeze to threaten. In the faultless tussle between RS400’s it’s not Ed’s six pack that will help. In gentle breezes – it’s his skill at capturing each gift of a favourable puff with spinnaker.

Phil Philpott is always in contention, but ventures a little too close to the slap of the south shore swell on the way to Central. Bantam weight Adam runs the Solo flat and level from Durgan to Trebah whereas Phil tilts hull 15 degrees to port – reducing wetted area & thereby gaining considerable ground – but not quite enough. A Matchless performance by the Solos but with Trophy’s to Adam & Sarah.

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Race Elapsed Correct
Adam Mason Solo 4099 1150 1 42.32 3698
Phil Philpott Solo 4785 1150 2 43.27 3772
Ollie Berryman Ed Bolitho RS400 588 948 3 36.15 3824
Roger McDonald Beccy Kestin RS400 958 948 4 37.14 3928
Nick Maidwell Laser 170605 1085 5 45.16 4172

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day.
Marshalls: Sarah Mason & Stephen Brooks
Safety: Chaperone Paul Greensmith & Sophie
Photography: Stephen Brooks

A great credit to all those behind the action for selflessly putting themselves forward for duty.

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