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Dinghy Racing: May 5th

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E2-3 Helford, Culdrose ESE(4pm) E(5) & N(6) 2-3 RYA Pursuit East CDU VQD

RS400 Wins In Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is in Pursuit of Adam Mason’s Pants, in a light breeze with every scrap of sail cloth devoted to the enterprise. Under competent hands the largest sail area wins – and on Saturday at least the results were in order of sail size.

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Race
Roger McDonald Beccy Kestin RS400 958 948 1
Adam Mason   Solo 4099 1150 2
Stephen Brooks   Laser 179651 1085 3
Robert Floyd   Radial 169065 1100 4

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

  • Safety: Carol Lawrence & Joan Kearsley
  • Photography: Carol Lawrence

A great credit to all those behind the action for selflessly putting themselves forward for duty .