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Dinghy Racing: October 12th


 Autumn Weekend  Series Sunday 9.45am 12th October  2014: Pursuit NE Wind NE 2-4

What is it about the collective British psyche that causes them – even in the most extreme environments – to spontaneously break out into gaudy flamboyant dress? So, what about a Colourful Boat prize to brighten up the final 3 dinghy races of the Helford’s Autumn series?  Oooooooh yes please!

dinghies12oct2014_3It was Roger McDonald the previous week that seeded the germ of an idea by protecting the seat of his wetsuit with a less than conservative pair of pink patterned board shorts.

Needing little invitation to party, Beccy Kestin took a crow bar to her husband’s dressing up box and relieved him of a fluffy red tutu, red & white striped tights which in combination with the one sensible item from her sailing wardrobe – a red spray top – completed her transition to utter daftness.

McD, Beccy’s Helm in the RS400, had found himself a fine pin stripped purple pinkish dress shirt – a left over from his glam rock days – that perfectly clashed with “THOSE” board shorts.

Thus the RS400’s purple hull and blousy pink spinnaker were transformed into a riot of colour – winning both the days Colourful Boat award and indeed the pursuit race itself.

Phil Philpott, having raced almost every RS designed dinghy in Greece the week previous was not too tired to come 4th in his Red Hot Tamale, the Blaze; trailed by Brooks a long way behind – the only spark in his performance coming from his shorts.

Andy & Karen Biggs clearly demonstrated their passion for exotic swimwear, and for coming second behind the RS400, with a masterful race that took them past an immaculately attired Phil Samuel – leaving him with a third.

Andrew Hosking soloing in Laser 2  jousted with Phil Samuel winning the reaches in the moderate breeze with his spinnaker but lost the beats to the large monosail – but finally managed to catch his daughter Beks’  Laser 4.7

st R McDonald
nd A Biggs
rd P Samuel

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day: Dave Church and Dan Flunder for safety and camera