Dinghy Racing: October 21st

Phil’s Big Sunday

Phil & Carrie’s favourite Easterly wind & North Easterly course favoured their last race on the Helford this season. A busy Adult & Junior boat clearance day and powerboat training slightly & gratefully delayed the start during soft warm rain Sunday. Strong winds earlier in the week had left a harvest of seaweed and broken boughs about which racers picked their way through the narrows and on to the course proper.

Keen to christen a crisp new mainsail on the penultimate race of the season Brooks was thrilled to find himself in the lead at the first of two laps on the Bosahan Toll Trebah triangle.

Risking a calmer passage by the shore from Bosahan to Ponsence cove seemed to pay off as Phil blasted past Brooks on a reach at Toll where Church & Flunder in safety stood by the remaining 6” of mussel encrusted buoy.  That left Phil a couple of celebratory laps to Brooks’ one on the Voose Central Trebah finishing triangle.

Results: 1st in Class:  Phil Philpott RS400 Stephen Brooks Laser.

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

B T U B T U ( V C U)All Marks To Port

Helm Crew Class Name-No.



HRSC Pursuit Time

After Hooter

Phil Philpott Carrie Hoskins RS400





Stephen Brooks Laser





Andy Biggs Karen Biggs


Safety cover: Dave Church & Dan Flunder

Photographer in Residence Dan Flunder


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