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Dinghy Racing: October 7th

Communal Dunkings

Phil Philpott and Carrie Hoskins were looking for fast times in their RS400 Sunday – and did not disappoint with a 30 second crossing of the Helford whilst lapping the laggards.

After a 5 week break Phil & Carrie champing at the bit to get out in a strong breeze were obliged to wait a good 8 minutes for the monosail fleet to make its start. Unacclimatised to a Cornish autumn, a Brittany bronzed Phil Samuel, wisely dressed in black tie chased Andy Biggs out through the narrows for the beat to Bosahan and Toll. Legs hardened to those of a Tuscan viticulturalist and a head for heights gave Biggs the hiking edge up and down a large easterly driven swell.

Four weeks of soft livening sans bicyclette found Samuel sailing conservatively with his Laser rig fully depowered and was passed by all save the Comet on the way to Toll. Wondering why Biggs was tentatively approaching the bear away for the run upriver to Trebah, Brooks noticed six inches of water sloshing in his Laser’s cockpit knotting control lines round his feet.  An inelegant rounding and a careening slalom lead to the first of the fleet’s and not the last of Brooks’ dunking.  Ever reliable Church & Flunder in safety were discretion itself keeping cameras dry& our helms modesties preserved – more’s the pity.

Intent on keeping his Cap & Kaenons dry, Anton Chamberlain left the Comet’s jib sail furled knowing he was more likely to stay upright on the run. A good ploy as a familiar pattern emerged of the Laser passing the underpowered Comet on the beat and the Comet had it been less well mannered, cocking a snook at an upturned grey hull on the run.  But passing everyone else at least once – was the RS400 on its hull filling beats and white knuckle reaches.  With only a discrete crash prevention gybe in the moorings of Durgan an unruffled Phil & Carrie gave themselves an extra final circuit through impeccably honest time keeping.

Results: Phil Philpott 1, Andy Biggs 2, Anton Chamberlain 3.

Sunday 7th October Autumn Weekend Series     NE  5-6  Pursuit NE 11.05am
Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Pos HRSC Pursuit Time
After Hooter
Phil Philpott Carrie Hoskins RS400 766 948 1 34:42
Andy Biggs Laser 138471 1085 2 26:43
Anton Chamberlain Comet Trio 417 1085 3 26:43
Stephen Brooks Laser 179651 1085 4 26:43
Phil Samuel Laser 186886 1085 Rtd 26:43

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

Safety cover: Dave Church & Dan Flunder
Photographer in Residence: Dan Flunder