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Dinghy Racing: Sept 16th

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Emily Broad Lasers Seniors

Youth Laser sailor Emily Broad paid a compliment to her mentors by beating them over 5 laps in a mixed PY laser fleet Sunday.

The annual Laser Plate race is an opportunity for all the Helford PY dinghy fleet to compete on equal terms in the one design Olympic class Laser dinghy. Steve Kestin laid a simple upwind downwind South Westerly course from the Centre of the Helford to Voose rocks providing an arduous beat up and restful run down in 15 +/- 5 knots. Despite planeing conditions along the line everyone behaved themselves for the start with the fleet splitting left and right for Voose.

It was soon evident that Roger McDonald was aiming for an etching of his own as he settled into a sleepy run from Voose at the head of the fleet and on to the mouth of the river. The rest of the fleet quite rightly turned left at Central.

Beccy Kestin and Emily jostled for position in the mixed Radial & 4.7 sail section whilst Ollie Berryman & Andy Biggs headed the queue. It took not quite a lap for McD to move back within closer sight of the leaders than race observer Brooks.

Fresh as a daisy from 4 days racing at the RS400 Nationals at Torquay Ollie B was hoping to do some of his own Tobytastisizing on the fleet and was rewarded with the image of a Biggs inverted in his rear mirror. Meantime Beccy had nipped back to the club house in order to prepare the reception. Spotting his chance Brooks snuck round Central ahead of Biggs and kept his fingers and mainsheet cleated on the final haul to Voose only to be pipped at the line by his exhausted nemesis.

Jaw set, McD in his 30 year old laser crept up on the youthful 5 year old leader to within 6 fine seconds but were both pushed back by Emily’s magnificent 4.7 – one for her Duke of Edinburgh award.

Over a quarter a million lasers have been built worldwide since 1971 – becoming Olympic Classes in 1996 and 2008 for men and woman respectively. With 4 sail sizes it’s probably the best investment for your teenager – buy or borrow one and they could be playing or racing it for life.

See Ben Ainslie’s winning Laser in the National Maritime Museum, and then come and train and race at

Results: Emily Broad 1, Ollie Berryman 2, Roger McDonald 3.

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

  • Race officers: Steve Kestin & Carrie Hoskins
  • Safety cover: Anton & Lisa Chamberlain, Ollie C,….C, Karen Biggs
  • Guest Photographer: Lisa Chamberlain
Sunday 16th September  17:00 SW 4   Laser Plate 2012  Line start        Windward Leeward: Central – Voose 5 laps
Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Min Sec Sec Correct Pos
Emily Broad Laser 4.7 173728 1175 51 24 3084 2625 1
Ollie Berryman Laser 188533 1085 47 48 2868 2643 2
Roger McDonald Laser 100387 1085 47 54 2874 2649 3
Andy Biggs Laser 138471 1085 49 37 2977 2744 4
Stephen Brooks Laser 179651 1085 49 39 2979 2746 5
Beccy Kestin Radial 171278 1110 DNF
Ginnie Sykes Laser 134714 1085 DNC
Anton Chamberlain & Family Comet Trio 417 1085 Duty
Phil Philpott Carrie Hoskins RS400 766 948 Duty