Dinghy Racing: Sept 1st

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West 2-4 | Summer Weekend Series | Pursuit Course laid to West | 17:30 start

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Pos HRSC Pursuit Time
After Hooter
Adam Mason Solo 4099 1150 1 22:55
Phil Philpott Carrie Hoskins RS400 766 948 2 34:42
Stephen Brooks Laser 179651 1085 3 26:43
Andy Biggs Karen Biggs Nat 12 3326 1104 25:36 Ave Points

Adam Mason – Virtuoso Performance

A steady westerly breeze delivering minimal chop suited Adam’s Solo perfectly Saturday.  By the time Brooks had reached the Narrows, Adam’s sail was the size of a butterfly’s wing as he prepared for a Gybe to Toll. The beat on the port tack from Toll to Trebah was a delight – smooth and swift and the reach to Voose almost planeing. Starting 12 minutes after Adam, Phil Philpott, caught up with the Laser on the beat from Committee to Trebah.  A recently evangelised Carrie Hoskins had the RS400’s Spinnaker singing and yet remained a minute or so distant from the Solo’s fine voice by race end.

Results: Adam Mason 1, Phil Philpott 2, Stephen Brooks 3

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

Safety cover: Andy & Karen Biggs

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