Dinghy Racing: Sept 9th

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Autumn Weekend Series – SW Pursuit T D U Q T U Q ( T C Q)        10:52 Start

Helm Crew Class Name-No. PY Pos HRSC Pursuit Time
After Hooter
Phil Philpott Carrie Hoskins RS400 766 948 1 34:42
Andy Biggs Karen Biggs Nat 12 3326 1104 2 25:36
Emily Broad Tom Lake RS200 1145 1057 3 28:21
Stephen Brooks Laser 179651 1085 4 26:43
Chris Hosken Ed Hosken Laser II 100 1035 5 29:38
Ginnie Sykes Laser 134714 1085 Rtd 26:43
Jonathan Sykes Katie Sykes Enterprise 21399 1117 Ave Pts 24:51

Phil Philpott Devours the Fleet

Phil’s battleship grey RS400 was the perfect foil for duelling dinghies on a gusty grey day on the Helford.   A Met office forecast for the Lizard suggesting SW 4 was mirrored on the river with Gusts to + 30 knots by race end.

The Biggs’ continuing their consistent form regardless of conditions this season , started first in their National 12 – only succumbing to the rapier like speed of the RS400.  A minute after the N12 the lasers of Brooks & Ginnie Sykes commenced a chatty & congenial intercourse for the long planning run to Toll before separating for the hard beat upriver.

Both Emily Broad and Ginnie delighted in taking a warm spa treatment in the central section of the river – Ginnie, pausing for a restorative with her sister in law Katie at the safety boat. Emily & Tom with no further need of dagger board inspection saw of any further challenge from the lasers & Chris & Ed Hosken’s  laser II.

Many’s the father and son team have graduated from the Laser II – an experience similar to formula one racing with wet spaghetti for control lines.  Much to Ed’s chagrin the spinnaker would not deploy from behind the main halyard, thus reducing downwind speed – but which had nothing to do with their dunking on the long beat home after race end. Or for that matter 3 little dry ones by Brooks in front of the clubhouse where Phil and Carrie having not quite lapped him were found dry and the RS’s all stored away.

Results: Phil Philpott 1, Andy Biggs 2, Emily Broad 3.

Captain Dinghies Beccy Kestin thanks all those supporting the fleet on the day

Safety cover: Katie Sykes, Dave Church, Dan Flunder
Photographer in Residence: Dan Flunder

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