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Dinghy Racing: Sept 14th


Autumn Sunday Series 14th Sept 2014: Triangular Average Lap x 3 Calamansac

Easterlies – Never a Grey Day

In the vanity market, a lot of money is spent lined up like sardines in white malodorous rooms on punishing muscles, facials, and other unsavoury & unnatural embellishments.  Dinghy sailors get: to work out in a huge airy room, unlimited isometrics, a soothing algae based spray on tan, and a tingling sea salt exfoliation.  So that’s what Laser 4.7 racers Emily Broad and Beccy Kestin did first thing on Sunday – and got a first and second prize doing it.

The surf was perhaps too much for all to be racing at rivers mouth so a triangular course up river was laid with a couple of solid beats in and out of calmer waters before negotiating a Venturi effect at the windward mark in the narrows near Porth Navas creek.  Records at Culdrose, a mile or two further up, gave 18 gusting 30 knots.  Roger McDonald generously donated the most capsizes of the day – 6 of the very best – a scourge too far and, was thus confined to middle orders.   Three quarters of the fleet fell over on the bare away at this, the windiest of windward marks the club has negotiated this year.  Not so Phil Philpott, who sailed conservatively at the head of the pack battling it out with Josh Redgrave – who paused for refreshment on only 3 occasions to pip the Blaze for a third at the final accounting.

Two double handers out were the venerable Laser 2’s of Andrew Hosking and Chris Hosken. Andrew wisely kept the spinnaker permanently in its tube and would have done without the mainsail had his daughter Beks insisted otherwise, pausing on Calamansac beach to put it up again.  Ed Hosken ensured all the rigging was secure and himself dry despite his father’s alarming preference for a 45 degree list on the beat. A farmer’s aversion to water is well known –   and we presume the tilt maximises the distance between themselves and the briny. A novel, and indeed in the Hosken’s case, successful technique to avoid a bath.  The Hosking’s were less successful in this regard, finding their boat & themselves a lot cleaner by race end.

After 3 exhausting laps, a relieved Church & Flunder in safety boat successfully shepherded their flock back to the clubhouse – exhilarated and radiant with the very healthiest of glows.

Juniors: 1St E Broad, 2nd E Hosken, 3rd R Hosking
Overall: 1st E Broad,  2nd R Kestin, 3rd J Redgrave

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day

Race Officer Stephen Brooks

Safety Boat: Dave Church & Dan Flunder

Photography Dan Flunder

Following E Bolitho & E Broad


Beccy takes 2nd