Dinghy Racing: September 20th

Summer Weekend Series Sunday 20th September 2015: Triangular Ave Lap DCX Wind S2-4

At sunrise on Sunday, you could hear the bark of a dog across the river at Helford, but not see the village in the quiet Autumnal mist filling the valley. Knowing the river and putting his faith in the Met Office – Race Officer Andy Biggs had wisely chosen a 10.30am race start for Bart’s Bash – collectively the world’s largest charity fundraising event involving 62 countries & near 10,000 participants. See bartsbash.com
After a slow procession on the ebbing tide out to the course a gentle breeze greeted arrivals for the start of the first race; Phil Philpott expertly scooping up most of it with a large rigged Blaze – the Halo.
Refreshed from his holiday, Phil Samuel put in a fine performance in the Solo, leading a threesome behind the Blaze & coming 1 tiny second behind the Halo for a second. Andrew Hosking deployed his Laser Two’s spinnaker on the dogleg back to Durgan from Central, keeping ahead of Brooks in the Laser, but the legs were too short as the wind increased, and there was always the risk of a downhaul tangle for which his rival would show no mercy and came 4th.
Dominic Brandreth on his first competition racing a venerable laser showed promise keeping touch in the early laps with youth racers Beks Hosking and Matt Broad in Laser Radials and Dave Philpott in another Solo; holes in the wind were very unforgiving leaving the rearguard well of the pace.
The second race proved a much closer affair in a freshening breeze with all racers improving upon their individual handicap performances.
Phil Philpott’s first tack to Central was slower going east than those going west, but by the time he got to the end of the lap he knew where he wanted to go, and like a metronome produced 7 & under minute laps for the remainder.
Dave Philpott had an inspired second race giving his 15 years the junior sexagenarian Solo rival the tightest race yet. Both crossed the line in the same second on the first lap, Phil ahead by 1 second on the next and by hardly a boat length on the final lap to take third.
Andrew Hosking, discarding his spinnaker, did what he likes doing best and beat Brooks in the final lap for a fourth place; the two continuing to race back to the clubhouse. Beks Hosking kept pace with the similarly handicapped Solos and ahead of Matt Broad for the first two laps, but the wind evaporated for her in the final. In the rear gunner’s seat, Dom Brandreth continued making progress, knocking a good 2 minutes from his earlier lap times and stayed dry & observant.

Race 1 1st P Philpott, 2nd P Samuel, 3rd S Brooks
Race 2 1st P Philpott, 2nd P Samuel, 3rd D Philpott

Captain Dinghies: Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day
Committee: Andy, Karen & Hamish Biggs
Safety: Keith Goy


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