Dinghy Regatta: July 11th

HRSC 67th Dinghy Regatta 2015 Saturday 11th July Wind WSW 4-6

67th Helford Regatta

Helford’s Senior racers were as delighted with the performance of their Junior section, as the Juniors themselves.  In the combined Youth & Senior fleets, Youth Laser 4.7 sailors Olly Chamberlain and Beks Hosking relieved the seniors of their two largest pieces of silverware; Phil Philpot left content with a Bronze for his Blaze.

Race organiser Andy Biggs had been promised a breezy days sailing all week by Culdrose, and he wasn’t disappointed with an average of 12 knots and double again in the gusts.  Four racers and three generations of the Philpott family were out on the water, proving dinghy sailing is for all ages, taking prizes in youth, senior and overall categories.

There were thrills and multiple spills for most, yet peri octogenarian, Grandfather Dave Philpott kept his immaculate middle aged wooden Solo upright and raced all five races with panache – to the envy of everyone.  Phil Samuel had a promising morning with a modern Solo, and with 3 good races under his belt had rightly every expectation of a podium finish had not Aeolus tripped him up.  Getting the Solo out of an inversion & going again is an exhausting exercise, given a cockpit as large as a double bath.

With room to bath a rugby scrum, three conventional double handers out racing would try at all costs to avoid capsize.

Roger Philpott and his young crew Gabriel in a Graduate were holding nicely to middle orders; nevertheless it was too gusty for their large sail area and retired.  Team Kestin & McDonald on a second outing racing Beccy’s Wayfarer decided there was no profit to be had flying a big yellow kite on the short downwind course and shorter reaches; a wise choice as they stayed dryish and medalled.   Anton Chamberlain’s Comet Trio needed a crew and reef both, which he finally got after lunch, when a brave Jack Lawrence joined him after abandoning an exhausting wrestle with his over powered Laser in the morning.  Jack gave the Comet  just the edge needed in the battle royal that had being going on all day with Andrew Hosking’s Laser.  Just as Andrew was really showing superiority over Brooks and Anton in the stiffer winds of the afternoon, he threw it all away with a moment’s indiscretion on the penultimate gybe.

Chris Hosken boldly went where he had never been before,  into an RS Vareo, and probably wished he hadn’t on this particular day, but made sure he gave it a wash – in fact several – out of gratitude to Tom Smith, its owner.

Phil Philpott’s Blaze, a veritable aquatic version of his Ducati, roared ahead of the fleet, yet did on occasion, skid on gravel around the leeward bend; there being no ABS on the big red beautiful beast, still at least the landing was soft.

In the first race Phil’s nephew Sam was third in a 1, 2, 3 triumvirate of youth Laser 4.7’s.  For the first 3 races it was Olly Chamberlain & Beks Hosking wrecking havoc on the establishment going 1,2 every time.  It took all of Phil’s considerable skill & nerve to stay at the front of the fleet, however it was the minnows at the final accounting that had bitten the sharks tail, and won – and how they had won; Olly first in every race and Beks taking 2nd & Lady Helm – Outstanding.

Juniors: 1st O Chamberlain, 2nd R Hosking, 3rd S Philpott
Seniors: 1st P Philpott, 2nd S Brooks, 3rd R Kestin
Overall: 1st O Chamberlain, 2nd R Hosking, 3rd P Philpott

Captain Dinghies Andy Biggs thanks all those in support of the fleet on the day
Committee: A&K Biggs, L Chamberlain,
Safety Boat: D Blanning, C&S Lawrence
Photography Cruise: D Flunder, D Church, H Ibbotson

HRSC Regatta Results 2015


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