Wednesday 19th October at 8pm
KITCHEN & BAR will be OPEN so please treat yourself! 😊 🍝 🥂 An easy, bar-snack menu will be served 6-9pm.

Join us at HRSC to meet Liz Fenwick, author of many award-winning contemporary Cornish novels. Hear her take on the importance of research in her novels, and the part real human experiences play in shaping her stories.

Liz says, “The talk will be about the role research plays in my writing and the importance of people’s personal stories. Those divisible tales and snippets give a book a touch of honesty and reality. Do you have a story that might work in one of my books? If so please come along and share it with me. It could end up in the narrative of my next book!” Now, that’s an exciting prospect!

For all Liz Fenwick fans, avid readers and lovers of our Cornish shores and way of life, this talk is not to be missed!

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