This summer’s sailing has been awesome.

We did a lot of fun activities, on land and water. On Friday nights there are a lot of children that learn to sail, it’s a good way to make new friends and also see old friends from last year’s sailing.

Learning to sail is so much fun, from capsizing drills, learning to race, on windy nights having to hike out and learning to rig a boat; so much fun!

I been sailing since I was 8 years old and this year I have learnt
so much and the friendly instructors helped me to push my limits of sailing to achieve what I wanted to do. This year one of the instructors, Chris Hosken, took me out on one of the racing days called the May Cup. I loved it to see other side of sailing, after that I got really into racing and I entered in some more races and also some sailing regattas. Hopefully I will be doing more next summer, when I am out on the water sailing I feel like I can do anything!

Junior helm was great. It’s an evening where kind adults take us out on their sailing boats and let us have a go. When it’s bad weather and can’t go sailing we have theory nights; we learn knots , rules of the water and lots more. But it’s done in a fun way with games and competitions and we get to win a prize. This summer has been the best and I’m looking forward to next summer.


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