New Commodore

Dear Member

I have the honour of being elected Commodore of HRSC, so a little profile of my connection to the Helford River and HRSC.

I was born just outside of St Keverne, about a quarter of a mile from Coverack Bay. At 18 months old the family moved to Withan Farm which ran down to Frenchman’s Creek. We spent a few years at Treveador Farm again bordering Frenchman’s Creek and the Helford River, a short time at Trewothack Farm overlooking Falmouth Bay, back to Withan Farm where I lived until I moved to my own farm which overlooks Carn Creek, so all of my life has been within a short distance of the water.

Boating started at Treveador with my family, fishing trips on the river, picnics on the many beaches and coves. As the years went by much of my spare time was pottering about on the river in a 12ft punt with a seagull engine, and a well-used pair of oars!

Sailing for me started when my sons had the opportunity to learn to sail with HRCST, I went along to help and was encouraged to have a go, so I did and became hooked, I was then encouraged to train to become a Dinghy Instructor, and for the last five years have been the Senior Instructor overseeing the Junior Sailing sessions. This training couldn’t happen without our fantastic and enthusiastic volunteer instructors. Being elected Captain Safety Boats for three years and then elected Rear Commodore Sailing for two years, as part of HRSC Committee it has been challenging, stressful and rewarding in many ways.

The offer of crewing on Yachts was again a new experience and one which I enjoy on a weekly basis, racing within the river, occasionally Falmouth Sailing Week and other events within the bay – a huge thanks to everyone that gave me these opportunities.

My day job, I’m a farmer growing vegetables on a relatively small scale, all produce is sold within a 10 mile radius of my farm, Pubs, Restaurants, Village shops etc so many of you will have eaten some of our produce in the Club or other places within the area.

The difficulties of the last year have made for some changes in the way the club runs, but our aim is to provide a great experience at HRSC whether you sail or potter about on the river or just wish to sit on the balcony with a glass and a meal.

A huge thanks must go to the retiring Commodore and Committee members who have worked tirelessly to keep the club open and thriving over the last difficult year.

Special  thanks to Peter Watson our retiring Treasurer, who’s steadfast attention to every detail has kept the club on a sound financial footing even in this difficult year.

Looking forward to seeing you in the club or on the water soon.

Chris Hosken

Commodore HRSC

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