Pontoon Open

Thanks to a massive effort by HRSC Commodore JC Bolitho and his teams, and indeed Falmouth Divers, by the 20th April:

  • Pontoon was open for business – MIND the GAP between the Quay & Repaired Bridge.
  • Dinghy Park, largely cleared Racks repaired
  • Dinghy Racing Marks refurbished, set & racing began in glorious sunshine
  • Wayfarers repaired and rejuvenated
  • Wayfarer, Drascombe, Safety & Committee moorings redesigned & replaced.
  • Committee & Safety  boats overhauled and improved to an exceptional standard.

Now’s the time to pat each other on the backs,  shake hands by way of thank you,  get out on the water,  and celebrate the season to come when greeting old, new friends and holiday makers alike.

If the Helford is not an elixir of life – what is?

er, yer dont have to drink it, just immerse, something which racers, canoeists and swimmers do willingly (mostly)


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