Undoubtedly, this was destined to be a monumental night in the HRSC calendar. Throughout the summer, our adventurous junior sailors, supported by our fantastic volunteers, braved all types of weather to master the fundamentals of sailing and enhance their proficiency in the ever-changing conditions of the Helford River.

HERE’s a Review of the Event by our Captain of Juniors – Vanessa Glossop

What an unforgettable night! As anticipated, Posh Nosh truly stood out as one of the Club’s most spectacular evenings this year. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your unwavering support and for sharing in an absolutely splendid and enjoyable night. Flight 42 truly set the stage for an extraordinary party!

Of course, the spotlight of the night shone brightly on our remarkable Juniors. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the well-deserved awards we presented:

  1. Optimist Champion Cup – Rose Lawry: Recognized for her exceptional attendance, positive attitude, boundless enthusiasm, and her invaluable assistance in launching and retrieving boats. Rose consistently goes above and beyond.
  2. Acorn Cup for great potential – Tiggy: Awarded for her fearless participation in cup and regatta racing, her resilience, and her determination to persevere, even after experiencing a boom collision twice this season.
  3. Carol Lawrence Cup for the most promising newcomer – Yolanda: Despite her wrist injury (not related to sailing with us, we must clarify), Yolanda proved to be a versatile standout, making her mark in her first year with us.
  4. Topper Cup for the best single-hander – Oliver Stone: His unwavering determination and resilience were evident when he capsized at least ten times during the May Cup but remained determined to finish, except for missing the final race due to a head injury.
  5. Most Improved Junior Cup – Pearl Nolan: Pearl’s dedication to learning, her ability to absorb and apply feedback, and her natural talent allowed her to make remarkable progress throughout the season.
  6. Dubois Junior Cup – Lucas Shepherd: Lucas earned this award through outstanding racing performances, including an impressive 4th place finish in the May Cup.
  7. Junior Yacht Helm Cup – Olivia Cattle: Recognized for her exceptional performance as a Junior Helm and her commendable attitude, which left a lasting impression on Ed, the keelboat owner she helmed for. Her killer smile is an added bonus!
  8. Andrew Ward Cup for consistency, courtesy, and commitment – Florence Cunliffe: Florence’s capabilities, dedication, and helpfulness to others, along with her continuous pursuit of improvement, have made her a standout sailor.
  9. The Hewett Family Cup – Jo and Seb Rowe: This award is a tribute to a family that holds a special place in the hearts of our junior sailing team. Jo and Seb are known for their unwavering commitment, organizational skills, and their tireless efforts to ensure smooth sailing. We would be lost without them.
  10. The Stella Cup for excellence in attitude and attainment – Daisy Norton: Recognized for her unwavering determination in facing challenges head-on and for her consistent progress in the sport. (Apologies for the tears when presenting this one; it always gets to us. The Stella Cup is a tribute to a special individual we lost to illness a few years ago.)
  11. The Propshaft Award for the biggest mishap this season – Riley Shepherd: Awarded for the unforgettable incident of losing his daggerboard at the bottom of the Helford River!

A heartfelt congratulations to all our winners and a big round of applause for every child who has demonstrated remarkable progress in their sport this year. Well done, everyone!


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