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Report from Helford River Navigational Aids Committee

As of Friday 14th May 2021 the starboard hand August Rock buoy is again on station. Flashing green every 5 seconds.

The buoy broke away in a horrendous south easterly gale in February and was destroyed on the rocks. Despite numerous dives by Mike Anselmi and his team no chain or bloke could be found. An indication of the ground swell etc. in this region. Mike did not charge for this and the HRNAC is most grateful to him.

The cost of complete renewal of this mark is in the order of £8000. This means in future the lit buoy will be brought in during the winter months and will be replaced by a small green marker buoy.

All 4 navigational buoys are now on station but please note, all these buoys are seasonal and so take care out of season and don’t ever go near Bar Buoy at low water springs!

John Head HRNAC