Report to Members

The time has come to report to Members regarding the problems the Club has experienced this summer which have affected many of you.

We took on new stewards who came highly recommended and had many years of experience. Sadly it soon became obvious that they had no idea of how to run a Club. The food was inconsistent, as was the staffing of the Club. The cleaning was also not up to the standard required. The Committee had no choice but to terminate their contract in view of their fundamental breach of agreement.

The next step was to employ a chef, bar staff and waiting staff to run and clean the Club, organising daily menus and various functions that happen during the summer season. During the first couple of weeks we had problems with chefs leaving, staff not turning up for work, which gave us no time to inform Members that the Club may be closed which was very annoying and disappointing for Members and guests.

We hope we have now solved these problems for the remainder of the season before we commence the winter opening times. We are taking steps to advertise for new stewards so that we can select the best candidates. We will keep you informed of our progress.

Vice Commodore Heather Ibotson has worked wonderfully well under extreme pressure organising staff and replacing them when necessary and must be praised for her efforts in running the Club.

The Committee would like to apologise to Members for all the inconvenience caused by our problems this summer and also for the lack of communication to Members.

Mark Buckley

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