The Club Pontoon

Dear All

Our pontoon has served us well for over 15 years now, but is getting old. Like all things old it needs to be looked after and cared for. We are doing our bit and hope you will as well.

Here are a few tips I hope will help us all.

  1. First a reminder that boats on finger berths must be under 5m in length and less than 2m in the beam. (There are a few exceptions to this by very special arrangement and agreement by the Committee.)
  2. No boat shall have an outboard which exceeds 90hp 2 stroke or 75hp 4 stroke.
  3. No boat shall exceed 450kg (992.08lb) including engine in weight.

The weight is very important as overweight boats are putting a great deal of stress on the pontoon.

Please see page 27 of the Club 2017 Yearbook

Some tips

  1. Please bail out your boat whatever size it is regularly. 1gallon of water = 10lb or 5kg. Water adds to the weight of your boat very quickly and can take it over weight.
  2. Please make sure that your boat is left secure and with a bucket over the prop for those left in the small boat area. We all should be mindful of other users and their property taking care that we don’t cause damage to other users of the pontoon.
  3. Please do not leave any items unattended on the pontoon. They can cause trip hazards and can be dangerous. Any item left unattended will be removed. Also, please remember not to leave painters or mooring lines on the pontoon for the same reasons.
  4. All boats must display a current year sticker which will have been given to the boat owner when they paid for the berth. The Club will in the next few weeks be checking all boats on the pontoon and will remove any that do not display a current year sticker.

Please see page 27 of the Club 2017 Yearbook

  1. Please do not let children play on the pontoon. We have recently had a number of incidents where children have left a lot of mud on Members’ boats after swimming and playing on them.  Some damage has also occurred. Swimming off or near the pontoon is dangerous and is not permitted. Catching crabs or fishing from the pontoon is also not permitted. The bridge to the pontoon moves on rollers with the tide and waves. It weighs over 2 tons and will not stop because a small finger or foot is in the way.
  2. A gentle reminder that Rule 9 of the Club Byelaws states: ‘All boats using Club premises or participating in any Club event or using Club mooring facilities (that means the pontoon as well) shall be insured for third party risks. The amount of cover shall be £2,000,000. You could be asked for proof of insurance.

Please see page 32 of the 2017 Club Yearbook

We are a Club and all the work carried out is by volunteers so please help if you can. If you see someone struggling please ask if you can help. If you notice something wrong or broken please tell someone from the Club in the office or the bar.

Thank you and safe sailing.

Dave Blanning – Captain Moorings

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