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Yacht Report 2013

A rather cold and wet April resulted in a slow start to the racing season. The 707 fleet started turning up in force for the Hine Downing Early Summer Series, and thereafter the fleet remained strong with some very close and enthusiastic racing. Tom Lake’s Swordfish was the dominant boat for the Hine Downing Early Summer and the Budock Vean Mid Summer Series with Ed Bolitho’s Miss Moneypenny taking the prize for the Penrose Sailmakers Late Summer Series and also the Autumn 707 Series.

The handicap fleet welcomed the Soling of Chris Newman and Mark Buckley and also the return of Zoom Baby (JSMT Syndicate) who had close racing right to the end, with Zoom Baby just taking the Penrose Sailmakers Late Summer Series. The new handicap system seems to work quite well. You have to sail a good race to have any chance of winning.

The Albia Regatta sponsored by John and Stephan was a great day’s racing. Many thanks to Steve Kestin, John Bolitho and their crew for organising and running the racing. L’Aber Wrac’h was a superfast race this year and congratulations go to Simon Williams in Cledha Mur who was first at the Libenter Buoy and took the Guncarriage Trophy. Also congratulations to Simon Fayers in Shebeca who won both the Bobby Martin Trophy and the Sundancer Trophy with an excellent second place.

COGS racing was as enjoyable as ever – good racing, well organised and convivial company at the various clubs. Unfortunately because of other commitments I could only take part in two of the coastal races but both were great fun. I would thoroughly recommend this series to all. Stuart Sawyer had an outstanding season in Black Dog winning his class in Falmouth Week, winning the IRC class in COGS and then not only winning his division in the National J Cup but also being best J boat overall.

Chris Symes – Captain Yachts


Hine Downing Early Summer Series
707 1st Swordfish (Tom Lake) Handicap 1st Trufflehunter (Tony Statham)
2nd Dragun (Charles Richardson) 2nd Valkyrie (Chris Symes)
3rd Jambo (Phil Philpott)

Budock Vean Mid Summer Series
707 1st Swordfish (Tom Lake) Handicap 1st Valkyrie (Chris Symes)
2nd Jambo (Phil Philpott) 2nd Musketeer (Newman/Buckley)
3rd Dragun (Charles Richardson)

Penrose Sailmakers Late Summer Series
707 1st Miss Moneypenny (Ed Bolitho) Handicap 1st Zoom Baby (JSMT Syndicate)
2nd Swordfish (Tom Lake) 2nd Musketeer (Newman/Buckley)
3rd Jambo (Phil Philpott)

Autumn 707 Series
1st Miss Moneypenny (Ed Bolitho)
2nd Dragun (Charles Richardson)
3rd Jambo (Phil Philpott)

David France Memorial Trophy (Best 707 boat) – Swordfish (Tom Lake)
Goodden Memorial Trophy (Best Handicap boat) – Zoom Baby (JSMT Syndicate)/Musketeer (Newman/Buckley)
County Pie Trophy (Helmswoman’s Race) – Handicap Valkyrie (Wendy Moore) 707 Swordfish (Emily Broad)
Dorothy Winfrey Memorial Cup – Swordfish (Tom Lake)
Guy Viccars Trophy – Miss Moneypenny (Ed Bolitho)
Guncarriage Trophy (Winner of L’Aber Wrac’h Race) – Cledha Mur (Simon Williams)
Sundancer Trophy (First Helford Boat in L’Aber Wrac’h) – Shebeca (Simon Fayers)
Bobby Martin Trophy (First boat under 30ft in L’Aber Wrac’h Race)) – Shebeca (Simon Fayers)
Jose Collins Cup (Winner of Helford to Fowey Race) – Black Dog (Stuart Sawyer)