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Yacht update 2013

Racing this year will follow the format as that of last year. There is likely to be a numerous and competitive 707 fleet with up to 13 boats racing every Wednesday. The handicap fleet has already seen some firm intentions, however the more boats the better the racing so please come and join us. If you wish to ‘white sail’ an appropriate handicap will be issued.

The annual Helford to L’Aber Wrac’h Race will be held on Friday 28th June and the Club Albia Yacht Regatta will be a week earlier on Saturday 22nd June. Both of these events are great fun and well worth competing in.
In the Budock Vean Mid Summer Series it is the intention to run 2 races each Wednesday for the 707s. We may do the same for the handicap fleet depending on the number and type of boats competing.

The first race of the season (Pursuit Series) will be held on Wednesday 3rd April.

Please make sure you download your race application forms from the Club website and complete and return them as soon as possible to the Club office. Unless an application form has been received, you will not be included in the results.

Many thanks to all of you who helped with the maintenance of the Committee boat and also with the new racing marks both in the river and out in the bay.

Enjoy your racing.

Chris Symes – Captain Yachts