Yacht Wash-up Meeting 26.2.2016

Present: Mark Buckley, Clive Dudley, Pat Scannell, Nick Gough, Matt Palmer, John Walker, Phil Badger, Charles Richardson, Steve Kestin.

Agenda: To review 2015 yacht racing season and discuss plans to attract more yachts to participate in racing and cruising in 2016

NG. voiced the general feeling that it was a great shame that the fleet racing had fallen away from around ten 707s and some PY yachts on each start line in 2013 and 14 to only half that number of 707s and no PY yachts last year, despite very good close racing.

NG said that he had been approached by a few PY yacht owners saying that they wished to be included and felt left out. He proposed that we try to include PY yachts by having a joint 707 and PY start.
There were some objections but NG asked that we try that for the first series and see if PY yachts do actually want to race.

It was generally agreed that we must try to encourage more participation and include PY yachts.

NG presented some ideas that had been sent to him by Tom Smith and also thanked Phil Badger for sending some ideas all of which were discussed.

It was agreed that:-

  • Yacht owners should be contacted to ask what support and encouragement they would like and what type of racing. NG to contact owners.
  • Occasional Cruise/Races to be organised, also cruises in company. NG, PS and CD to take forward.
  • Courses to be varied sometimes two short races other times one longer at discretion of the OOD.
  • The race night should remain on Wednesday for the coming season at least.
  • Juniors should be encouraged to join the 707 racing.
  • CD to talk to Nick Allsop, Capt Juniors, to identify likely elder juniors. PS to talk to Dominic and Ian Lawrence to ask if their boys might be interested.
  • NG and PS to consider offering Avocet as a ‘junior boat’ skippered by one of them with junior helm and crew.
  • PB also volunteered to skipper a junior boat if necessary.
  • VHF sets to be used by all racers on channel 72 for safety reasons and also to enable self starts if no OOD was available.
  • OODs should be encouraged to attend but if that meant a boat not sailing on that evening then self start should be agreed.
  • Rule infringements should be owned up to on the water and the appropriate 360 or 720 penalty taken. However protests can be a learning exercise and should not be discouraged. They should be conducted as an opportunity to talk through the rules and issues.
  • CD has a Protest pack and offers to chair the protests.
  • The relative small cost of owning and racing a 707 should be widely advertised.
  • NG to work out average cost and add to news letter and put on notice board.
  • Race day meals should be good value to attract racers back to the club. £10 meal and pint was suggested. MB to discuss with new stewards.
  • Culdrose Naval base should be encouraged to enter a team. The possibility of the club buying or chartering a 707 for Culdrose to use for a season was suggested. MB to formally contact Ian Fitter at Culdrose.
  • MP to make some informal soundings among his colleagues at Culdrose. MB to raise the purchase/charter ideas with the Committee.

All agreed to try to encourage friends and acquaintances to take part in more club racing, cruising and other activities.

NG thanked everyone for attending on such a wet night and for such useful ideas and participation.

Nick Gough 27.2.16

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