Booking out Club Dinghies

Available Dinghies

The club dinghies available for general recreation without a safety boat are:

  • WAYFARER No. 4
  • WAYFARER No. 6

The club dinghies available for racing and adult sailing sessions are:

  • Toppers x3
  • Oppies x6
  • Vision x1
  • Lasers x4
  • Fevas x2
  • Fusions x2
  • Pico x1

Booking Dinghies

Dinghies are only available to full members who have been signed off as competent by a member of the HRSC Committee. If you would like to be signed off please contact Angie Watson or Duncan Skingley.

We have a WhatsApp group to manage the booking and availability of dinghies. To join the group please text “HRSC Bookings Only” to Bob Calver on 07500 507 569 and he will add you to the group.

When booking out a session:

  1. Start the WhatsApp message with the boat name IN CAPITALS.
  2. Add the date you want the boat.
  3. Your name

If you book out more than one dinghy please state the names of the other helms.



Entering these three lines on WhatsApp HRSC Bookings Only, books the dinghy out to you for the whole day. Your name or names will appear in the WhatsApp text box to inform all group members.

To cancel a booking please enter the following on the BOOKINGS GROUP:


All the dinghies are ready to book now. 

Club and Covid Rules for booking out all Dinghies.

Stay Alert!  Be aware of government rules on social distancing.

Dinghies must only be used during daylight hours in the confines of the river.

Sail within your own ability.  Be aware of wind strength and tide times, ensuring there is enough water on your return.

A mobile phone or personal handheld VHF is essential.

Club and Covid Rules for booking out Wayfarers.

Helms must be aware that there is no safety boat cover and it is stressed that you will be responsible for the safety of everyone in the boat.  Ensure that all are appropriately dressed for the occasion, buoyancy aids worn, and spare warm clothing stowed away.

A Masthead float is essential.

Club Rules for all Other Dinghies

Appropriate clothing and a buoyancy aid must be worn.

All club dinghies other Wayfarers must have safety boat in attendance.

Please report any problems with the dinghies to [email protected] or [email protected]

Wayfarer Information

Red Snapper sails bags are in the Sailing Shed on the bottom 2 shelves in two separate bags, one grey one red. 

No 2, No 4 No 6 sails bags are on the lower shelves in two separate bags, one grey one blue.

No 1 sail bags, both blue, are on the lower shelves.

No 3 sails are in the black sail bag labelled No 3.

The masthead floats are on the middle shelf

Please use your own tender if possible. Studio Sam, the Wayfarer tender, is moored on the pontoon.  The oars marked HRSC are stored in the Sailing Shed.

If you don’t have a shed key email Angie Watson for the combination of the shed key-safe: [email protected]

All Other Club Dinghies

The other club dinghies are in the Dinghy Park. The booms are stored in the dinghies.  The mast and sails are stored on the sail rack, the rudders and dagger boards are stored in the box under the sail rack or in the dinghies.  There are 10m tow ropes on the fore decks in case needed.  Paddles are provided in case the wind drops. 

Duncan Skingley has very kindly posted this video showing how to rig one of our new Fusions:

Happy sailing

Angie Watson
Captain Adult Sailing